Car rental with “Full protection” 

When renting a car with the option "Full Protection" selected, it guarantees you security in case of possible damage from:

Traffic accident, Parking events, Maneuver damage, Car theft, Fire, Natural disasters, Malicious actions of third parties, Unknown perpetrators or Vandalism.

The Full Protection Insurance releases the Lessee from additional financial liability in case of damages, which are certified by a Traffic Accident Report from the Traffic Police or a Bilateral Statement of Findings - drawn up in accordance with the Road Traffic Low in Bulgaria or Police Report with injured persons, confirming the fact of occurrence of the event and provided that the Lessor was notified of the incident by the Lessee at the time of its occurrence.

Provided that the above conditions have been met, the fee for "Full Protection" gives the following rights to the Lessee: 

  • In case of damages from 1 to 3 adjacent car parts but without deformation on them, the Lessee's deposit will be full refunded even if the conditions for providing an Accident Report have not been met.
  • In case of traffic accident, damage, fire or theft for which there is no fault of the Lessee, his deposit will be full refunded.
  • In case of traffic accident, damage, fire or theft on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, for which the Lessee has no fault proven by a Police protocol, he will receive a replacement car.
  • In case of traffic accident, damage or fire on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, the costs for transport and road assistance of the damaged car will be paid by the Lessor. In case of an accident or damage outside the borders of Bulgaria, the Lessee is obliged to cover only the costs of moving the rented car to the border of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Releases the Lessee from paying the administrative fee for damages for which there is no fault. 

“Full Protection” insurance covers the described damages without burdening you additionally financially in case of an accident, but of course it is not obligatory if you have your personal one, which includes these insurance risks and your insurer would cover them entirely for you! However, if you do not have this type of personal insurance, we recommend to select “Full Protection” in the booking process, because otherwise you will be fully financially responsible for the above risks, and the car warranty deposit in case of rent without "Full Protection" will be double the amount and required by your credit card authorization!

In case of an accident without "Full Protection" and fulfilled requirements of the Lessor according to the General Terms and Conditions of the Contract, the financial liability of the Lessee is limited to the amount of his deposit. However, if the General Terms and Conditions of the car rental contract are not met, the Lessee owes the amounts for full compensation of damages according to the assessment made by a service entrusted to the Lessor or the full insurance value of the car, if it is total damage or stolen.

"Administrative fee" - Not due when paid and included "Full Protection" for the rental period of the car. Without  "Full Protection" an "Administrative fee" is paid in case of theft, damage, accident or any incident involving the rented car (fee - 50.00 €), visit to an accident (fee - 0.60 € / km.), regardless of the reason for the event, whether the Lessee is guilty or not, as well as when processing a fine or slip under the Traffic Act (fee - 15.00 €). The amounts of the fees are indicated in the official price list of the company or in the General Terms and Conditions of the contract.

In addition to damages amount, the Lessee is obliged to pay costs for road assistance or transport to the service and back, a fixed rent for the days of repair according to the official price list, if this is required under non-compliance with the terms of the lease agreement and the corresponding administrative fee, except for the exceptions through the General Terms and Conditions. 

The purchase of "Full Protection" Insurance does not release the Lessee from his obligations and responsibilities under the General Terms of the contract, and does not cover loss, theft of parts or accessories, damage to the interior of the car: dashboard, seats, trunk, damage caused after refueling that does not meet the standards and regulations of the manufacturer; damage caused by the transport of dangerous goods; damages caused during the operation of the vehicle, off-road and towing of other vehicles; damages caused by improper repairs not approved by the Lessor. 

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